Heat Sink Calculator

  • Air flow is parallel to fins.
  • Even temperature disturibution on bottom surface of heat sink
  • Average of base/air temperature is between 250 and 400 K

Forced Convection

What are you solving for? Heat Dissipation Number of Fins

Number of Fins

Part I. Please fill in all provided information
Type of Flow Material: Base Thickness:
Air Velocity (m/s): Fin Height (m): Fin Width (m):
Fin Depth (m): Base Temperature (K): Air Temperature (K):
Heat Dissipation (W):

Part II. Your Answers
Number of Fins: Total Width (m): Optimum Fin Spacing (m):
Total Surface Area: Fin Efficiency: Overall Efficiency:
Average Convective Coefficient (W/m^2*K):