Installing RootsMagic 6 on Mac

Also see Ubuntu Linux Instructions

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  1. Download Rootsmagic
  2. Verify that you have X11 installed, it should be in the utilities folder. If you have Mac OS X Lion, 10.2 or 10.3 you may need to install X11 from the your OS X Installer, Disc One. (Double-click the Optional Installs package, and select if for installation, and click install.)
  3. Download Wineskin Winery
  4. Run Wineskin Winery
  5. Click Update if it says there is an update available, then click on "+" to add an engine
  6. Select the latest engine available and click on Download an Install
  7. Create a Wrapper
  8. Click cancel, the Wine Gecko package is not needed
  9. After it finishes downloading and installing a message will appear, click on "View wrapper in finder"
  10. Click on "Install Windows Software"
  11. Open the RootsMagic installer that you downloaded from step 1
  12. Run through the RootsMagic installer
  13. Make sure that you uncheck the Lanuch RootsMagic, this way we can create the wrapper correctly
  14. After the installer disappears than Choose the Executable to start the program, "RootsMagic.exe"
  15. If Roots magic doesn't start, duplicate the wrapper file, delete the old one. Note: If you rename the copy of the old one, it will cease to function, then you will have to duplicate it again
  16. Finally add winetricks! This will make it work when you try to add facts to existing people, otherwise without it you can pretty much only view things. To get to winetricks two-finger click or right-click the RootsMagic and click on "Show package contents"
  17. Now double click
  18. Click on advanced
  19. Now double click on Tools then Winetricks
  20. Now click the right arrow next to "dlls" and select ie7 then click run. The packages will download, and IE 7 will install, which is required for RootsMagic to display cerntain things properly. Go through the install clicking on next, and agreeing to the license, when finish it will ask if you want to restart, click yes.
  21. You can also install more winetricks: comctl32, corefonts, gdiplus, msls31, msxml3, msxml4, msxml6, riched20, riched30, tahoma, winxp to make the program run correctly, but are not required see Drew Wither's Blog
  22. Now click on the "RootsMagic copy" wrapper and it will work correctly! if you have trouble please contact me jbejar86 at

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