CS 240 - Winter 2018

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Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide Core Java for the Impatient

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Click HERE for the Java book.

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Course Instructor

Dr. Ken Rodham

Email Address: rodham@cs.byu.edu
Office: 3324 TMCB
Phone: (801) 422-5498
Office Hours: By Appointment

Dr. Frank Jones

Email Address: frjones@cs.byu.edu
Office: 3372 TMCB
Phone: (801) 422-7656
Office Hours: By Appointment


You can email the TAs at cs240ta@cs.byu.edu, though the best way to get a hold of the TAs is to see them during office hours. The TA office is located in 1058 TMCB Cubes #24, #25, and #26 (in the basement).
Make sure to check our the Project Tips Page for help on all of the projects and good programming practices, hints, and explanations.