Mark Clement

Mark J. Clement
Networked Computing Laboratory
Computer Science Department, 3370 TMCB
Brigham Young University
Provo UT 84602-6576
Fax: 801.378.7775


Mark J. Clement is an Associate professor at Brigham Young University in the Computer Science Department.

Mark Clement received his PhD in Computer Science from Oregon State University in 1994. His BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering are from Brigham Young University. Before pursuing the PhD degree, Mark worked for Digital Equipment Corporation on their workstation products as a principle engineer in WSL. He also was a founder for ICON, a small startup company which produced disk servers and database machines.

His research areas include High Performance Networks and Computing Platforms. He is currently working with AT&T on research to utilize Internet backbone links more effectively. Research into router security also promises to protect Internet resources from attacks. He has also been a Principle Investigator on the DOGMA system which allows clusters of workstations, supercomputers and idle desktop machines to participate in solving difficult computational problems. He has been involved in Phylogenetic Analysis (determining evolutionary histories through the examination of DNA) which requires extensive network and computational resources.